Sunday, March 4, 2007

From the beginning

I used to have a blog here. But somehow it is lost in the new version, That is ok, This one will be much better and hopefully more up to date.
Alot of things have gone on since I did anything with this blog, I am now happily married to my Brit. He moved here from England on July 23, 2006 and we were married on August 9 2006. He is the best, I could never be happier then I am now. I will have to post some pictures as soon as I get my hubby to show me how LOL.
I will have to come back and write, Right now I guess I should go and help my hubby and son put out new kitchen table together, I went and bought it and they get to put it together. - Glitter Graphics, MySpace Graphics, MySpace Videos, MySpace layouts

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